Nikiforos Stamenis is a resort and luxury hotel photographer. He has a stunning photography portfolio, as well as his work published in several reputable magazines.

Nikiforos is known for his high visual aesthetic, as well as his ability to capture the "invisible". His extensive experience and constant pursuit for the latest and greatest techniques have led him to develop a unique photographic style, which emphasizes the look of a space, its character, and the way that it feels. 

A simple digital camera was what got Nikiforos interested in photography for the first time – and made him realize that there are countless ways to tell a visual story. His love of photography and travel made him fall in love with indoor photography and, ultimately, hotel photography.

"When I’m shooting spaces, I know that I’m not there to just ‘record’, but to discover, to reveal, to narrate an experience."

Seeing the value in long-term business relationships, Nikiforos always listens to his clients’ wishes: Along with his knowledge and passion, they make the ideal combination for sophisticated, "complete" images.

"In photography, as in life, you need to be able to know what matters most."

Nikiforos Stamenis


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