Hotel Photography

What makes your hotel different? What is it that will convince someone to book a room (or two) in your property?

The purpose of superior hotel photography is not to "sell" the rooms, the swimming pool, or the restaurant of your hotel. It is to make a promise of a simply unforgettable stay.

A high-quality photoshoot plays a key role in a traveler's final decision on whether to book a room in your hotel or the hotel next to yours. This is why you need a professional hotel photographer who will capture how beautiful and unique your property is – from interior design and the smallest details to the personalized amenities and services you offer. Your photographer is the one who will create exceptional, highly impressive images that will successfully represent your hotel, name, and brand.  

A professional hotel photoshoot may include:  

- Architectural photography: Your hotel’s interiors and exteriors. Here, one is able to see what you have to offer.

- Signature photos: This "something" that makes your space unique.

- Photos for commercial use (website or other marketing channels): Printed or digital.

- “Experience” photos: They create desire by highlighting the ultimate guest experience.

-  Photos for your social media posts: Social media are an essential marketing tool for the crème de la crème of hotels worldwide, and professional, high-quality photos on your account is an excellent way to attract new customers, build relationships with existing ones, enhance your hotel’s online reputation, and easily create SEO content.

- Food photography: Focuses on the senses of your visitors – forces them to stop for a moment, take a sneak peek, and definitely want to try!

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