vicky & nik

Hi, there! We are Vicky & Nikiforos, a creative photography couple, and we head a boutique family-owned company in Kefalonia, Greece. We specialize in celebration, family, lifestyle, and portrait photography; and capturing the energy of our clients’ happiest moments drives us forward!  

 Here are a few frequently asked questions about us: 

 What's it like working with your significant other?  

 We know each other very well and complement one another. We like to do things together—we always, always have fun—so being creative brings us even closer. We both love photography so very much and being on the same wavelength makes our work feel effortless. 

 What’s your photographic style? 

 We love natural light, relaxed poses, and spontaneous expressions of authentic happiness. 

 What are your other passions, besides photography? 

Spending time with our children, being near the sea, watching movies, and traveling all around the world. 

 Why do you love photography so much? 

 Because we love creating memories. Photos are priceless treasures because life happens in a flash; memories are forever.